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Welcome to the foundation of Mentors for Hillsborough County Veterans (MHCV). We are veterans who are dedicated to the men and women in Tampa Bay's Veterans Treatment Court (VTC).


Why We Do What We Do: 

Driven by the U.S. military values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and moral courage, the volunteer mentors are Tampa Bay’s unsung heroes whose daily actions positively impact the well being of its local veterans and our community. They continue to pay it forward without any expectation of compensation or recognition. In fact, their “reward” is in the grateful acknowledgment from those veterans and their families and their well-being. The volunteer veteran mentors are the “quiet warriors” who will not rest until every veteran in trouble with the law is provided the needed resources to get well again and successfully reintegrate into our community.


Our Mission Statement:

To help identify, treat, rehabilitate, and to seamlessly reintegrate the veteran back into the community where he or she earlier swore to protect and defend; Serve as a platform for community awareness and education of the VTC program; Provide training and advisory support to requested VTC programs (intra and interstate levels); Advocate for pertinent Veterans legislation (local, state and federal levels).




29 May: Tampa VTC Mentors program support to Memorial Park Cemetery upkeep, while focused on expanding its program at the Federal Court level:

03 February: US Congresswoman Kathy Castor (FL-14) announces the selection of Colonel DJ Reyes (USA retired) to attend the 7 February 2023 POTUS State of the Union Address:

27 January  Combat Stress Magazine: Leveraging the Power of Community to help our Veterans


24 November  Fox 13's Gloria Gomez coverage of Tampa Veterans Treatment Court Judge and Veteran Mentors providing Thanksgiving Turkey meals to its Veterans and families in need:

12 November  WFLA Bloom Host Gayle Guyardo interviews VTC Judge Michael Scionti:

04 September: Veterans Corner Radio Interview. Veterans Treatment Court Interview 5 of 5 - Perspectives from the Senior Veteran Mentor Program Coordinator, Tampa VTC.

03 September:  Commentary on PACT Act (Burn


Pits/Toxic Exposure), Combat Stress Magazine, Summer/Fall edition:

22 August:  WFLA/WTTA Bloom TV interview with host Gayle Guyardo: PACT Act (Toxic Exposures): 

17 August: "The Leadership Void" Veteran Podcast with Vince and Enrique: Thoughts on the Veterans Treatment Court (VTC), veteran legislation, leadership and advice to our next Greatest Generation of military leaders:

29 July:  WFTS-ABC 28 interview on the failed US Senate vote for S3373 (PACT Act/Toxic Exposures):

27 June:  Status of HR3967 "Toxic Exposures/Burn Pits" legislation and the impending approval and POTUS signing into law: #HR3967 #ToxicExposures #BurnPits

17 June:  WFTS ABC interview with Wendi Lane on the impact of HR3967 PACT Act:

16 June:  Senate passes historic Veterans Health legislation (HR3967 PACT Act) - House anticipates final vote enroute to POTUS for signature:

11 March: US Congresswoman Castor and Veterans Legislation Update/Roundtable:



04 March: US House passes Toxic Exposures (Burn Pits) PACT Act:

12 January: Local Veterans' Wellness through Veterans Treatment Court and recent Burn Pits legislation signed into US Law:



22 November: Tampa VTC Judge and Mentors support Annual Thanksgiving Holiday meal delivery to VTC veterans:

11 November: WFTS ABC segment on Tampa's VTC Program:

12 October:  Reverend William Corby Award:

22 February: Veterans Corner Radio (Podcast):


01 December:  Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) "ChangeMakers" p46:

 26 November: Fox13 Gloria Gomez covers VTC Mentors' Annual Thanksgiving Meal Program for its VTC veterans:

12 November: Podcast "The Franklin Project":

11 November: LTG James Peake Community Service Award (Bay Area Legal Services):

21 August:  Radio Interview 1180AM WFYL (Phila, PA) on Tampa's VTC and Mentor Program:  

21 August:   Pandemic Poses Challenges For Veterans Treatment Courts

13 August: Tampa City Councilman Viera hosted panel with VTC Judges Michael Scionti and Gregory Holder, and senior veteran mentors DJ Reyes and Jim Fletcher:

8 August:  POTUS signs VTC Legislation into law:


28 July: WFLA Bloom 38 TV Interview with Gayle Guyardo on VTC and HR886


21July  HR886 VTC Bill Passed:  

15 July Tampa Bay Lightning Community Hero Award (Video): (Video) (press release)

22 April  VTC legislation commentary:

2022 VTC Schedule0900, 5th Floor Courthouse Annex, 800 E. Twiggs St, Tampa FL 

Jan 21; Feb 11; Mar 4; Apr 22; May 6; Jun 3, 24; Jul 15; Aug 19; Sep 9, 30; Oct 14; Nov 10; Dec 9

2023 VTC Schedule:

Jan 13, 27; Feb 10; Mar 10, 31; Apr 14; May 12;

Jun 2 23; Jul 7, 28; Aug 18; Sep 8, 29; Oct 20;

Nov 9; Dec 15



Mentors For Hillsborough County Veterans, Inc.

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